Glia is our mind.

Where is the location of our mind? It probably resides in the milky-white substance that sits inside your skull. But the half of the brain is glia. Let's, for the sake of argument, assume that our mind is embedded in these glial cells. What would be your counterevidence?


Young Glia
November 15, 2015
Budget source
Japan: Glial Assembly
Germany: Glial Heterogeneity

Executive Supervisors
Japan: Dr. Kazuhiro Ikenaka
Germany: Dr. Frank Kirchhoff

Project Overview

The purpose of this framework is to stimulate mutual exchange visits of young researchers of glial research. The collaborative research between Japan and German will be carried out by the young researchers. Applicants must be graduate students or have obtained a Ph.D. degree within the past five years. The collaboration must be approved by the priciple investigators on both sides but the original proposal and execution of the research itself must be done by the young researchers.


YG Platinum Award - 2FY full support collaboration

"Role of dysfunctional glia in epileptogenesis"

Germany member Julia Müller
Dr. Peter Bedner
(Universität Bonn; Lab Head, Dr. Christian Steinhäuser)
Japan member Kazuki Sato
Dr. Masanori Tachikawa
(Tohoku University; Lab Head, Dr. Tetsuya Terasaki)
Japan member Yuka Kasahara
Dr. Ryuta Koyama
(University of Tokyo; Lab Head, Dr. Yuji Ikegaya)

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder affecting 65 million people worldwide. For many years it was thought that neuronal dysfunctions are the main cause of epilepsy. However there is growing evidence that the underlying mechanism is rather due to glia changes in the brain. Inflammation induced loss of gap junctional coupling of astrocytes has been demonstrated to be a key factor in the development of epileptogenesis. The underlying mechanism responsible for the uncoupling will be studied.

Exchange dates

Kazuki and Yuka visited Julia in Bonn in FY2016. Julia visited Kazuki in Sendai in FY2017.

2017.01.10-21 Kazuki and Yuka's visit to Bonn

Kazuki Sato (with PI Masanori Tachikawa) and Yuka Kasahara visit Julia Müller.

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2017.10.11-18 Julia's visit to Sendai

Julia Müller visited Kazuki Sato (with PI Masanori Tachikawa).

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