Glia is our mind.

Where is the location of our mind? It probably resides in the milky-white substance that sits inside your skull. But the half of the brain is glia. Let's, for the sake of argument, assume that our mind is embedded in these glial cells. What would be your counterevidence?


Young Glia
November 15, 2015
Budget source
Japan: Glial Assembly
Germany: Glial Heterogeneity

Executive Supervisors
Japan: Dr. Kazuhiro Ikenaka
Germany: Dr. Frank Kirchhoff

Project Overview

The purpose of this framework is to stimulate mutual exchange visits of young researchers of glial research. The collaborative research between Japan and German will be carried out by the young researchers. Applicants must be graduate students or have obtained a Ph.D. degree within the past five years. The collaboration must be approved by the priciple investigators on both sides but the original proposal and execution of the research itself must be done by the young researchers.

FY2016/2017 Research Collaborations

2nd Young Glia meeting (May 29-31, 2016): Selection for FY2016/2017

Research collaboration grant for junior scientists for FY2016/2017 has been selected.

FY2015/2016 Research Collaborations

1st Young Glia meeting (January 10-11, 2016): Selection for FY2015/2016

Research collaboration grant for junior scientists for FY2015/2016 has been selected.